Date Title Minister Key Text
Oct 15, 2023 (Morning) Hezekiah learns to stand firm in his faith. Rev. Peter Holtvluwer 2 Chronicles 32:1–23
Oct 8, 2023 (Afternoon) At Babel, God Frustrates Man’s Effort to Find Safety in Unity Student Jakob Mars Genesis 11:1–9
Oct 8, 2023 (Morning) Thanks be to God for His inexpressible gift! Rev. John Louwerse 2 Corinthians 9:15
Oct 1, 2023 (Afternoon) In Christ and by His Spirit, Dr. Gerhard Visscher Romans 12:21
Oct 1, 2023 (Morning) Even in darkness, let us continue to call out to God! Rev. John Louwerse Psalm 88
Sep 24, 2023 (Afternoon) The Spirit of Christ transforms our murderous hearts. Dr. John Smith Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 40
Sep 24, 2023 (Morning) Rejoice as we gather! Here the Lord gives His blessing! Rev. John Louwerse Psalm 122
Sep 17, 2023 (Afternoon) The Gospel of God the Father Student Adam Werkman Colossians 1:12–14
Sep 17, 2023 (Morning) Be filled with the knowledge of God! Student Adam Werkman Colossians 1:9–11
Sep 10, 2023 (Afternoon) The Grace of God Produces Christian Love Among The People of God. Dr. Gerhard Visscher Romans 12:9–16
Sep 10, 2023 (Morning) The Hospitality of God Dr. Reuben Bredenhof Exodus 24:11
Sep 3, 2023 (Afternoon) Our sovereign Lord sets the extent of and obedience to authority! Rev. John Louwerse Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 39
Sep 3, 2023 (Morning) Blessed are we who acclaim the coming one as King! Rev. John Louwerse Numbers 24:15–19
Aug 27, 2023 (Afternoon) The Lord uses the day of rest to refresh us! Rev. John Louwerse Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 38
Aug 27, 2023 (Morning) The Lord Jesus Reveals That Eternal Life Can Only Be Inherited Through Perfect Love. Student Jakob Mars Luke 10:25–37

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